15 Amazing WordPress Portfolio Themes Compilation

15 Amazing WordPress Portfolio Themes Compilation

Today, every person wants to have a website of his own. This shows that the person is coping with the changes, and that person has some sense of technology. Websites are now working as a human or product portfolio. Moreover, some researchers and writers, who judge themselves as a blogger and want any revolution, would also want to share their thoughts to be worldwide. That’s why website building and development are passing its high time where website development related works are unlimited almost. However, many people can’t afford a website building cost. Observing the matters, WordPress team has created WordPress for ease of these bloggers. WordPress is now the easiest platform by which anyone can develop his or her own website. To develop a website on WordPress, people need to choose a WordPress portfolio theme, which will reflect the person characteristics and thoughts. There are many WordPress Portfolio Themes available in the internet, but it’s the first choice to pick a theme for the website. Here are some attractive as well as excellent WordPress themes by which any amateur can build a gorgeous website. That’s why; WordPress portfolio themes is the first choice for people who want to expose their creativity and ideas. Here, many themes are absolutely free.

Those free themes have the maximum popularity as those are used widely on different sites without any permission of the creator. Free themes have some issues as well where the user has no control at all to change any function of it according to the requirements, and updates are automatically halted. However, premium WordPress Portfolio Themes has some special functions. Those can update automatically, and the creator provides full support for any problem. A Premium WordPress portfolio theme is far better in compatibility on any device, and those looks are extraordinary and unique. There is also a category, which named as the responsive WordPress portfolio themes. On the previous cases, themes couldn’t be viewed properly on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad or tablet computers. Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes are supported by all mobile phones available.

Now, if any person wants to build his or her own blog, firstly, he or she has to decide whether his or her works will require any further update or not. If yes, then they should go for a more dynamic WordPress portfolio theme, which comes out as a premium membership. Again, if the person needs to be exposed well, he or she may be in need of a responsive WordPress portfolio theme by which anyone can read the blog or creative work from any kinds of devices. Here, anyone can find a huge number of WordPress Portfolio Themes that can find the actual reflection of his or her work.

Another thing should be kept in mind is that many WordPress themes are working like Trojans and passing user’s information when they are working on the theme’s background. Here, every part of a theme is clear to all and shows accountability by supporting them when needed. These themes are not only gorgeous, but also flexible and have ease of function to be a change according to choice. Here, any user can order a custom WordPress portfolio to them. So, it’s a good place to deal with WordPress and its portfolio theme and make an own website without any professional. All credits go to this website owner and maintainer by whom this website has been a place of WordPress portfolio theme fair.

You can download all the wordpress portfolio themes through the link below:

1. Deep Focus

A slick multipurpose premium WordPress theme from Elegant Themes. The theme can be used as portfolio for a fully functional online photo gallery and features blog or CMS style homepage layouts. Deep Focus also includes 5 colour schemes, auto image resizing, integrated shortcodes collection, advanced theme options panel and more.


* 5 Unique Colour Schemes
* Stylish jQuery-Powered Gallery Layout
* Blog Section – that features a more traditional blog-style layout
* CMS Style Homepage
* Optional Blog Style Structure
* Featured Content Slider
* Automated Thumbnails Resizing
* Advanced Theme Options Panel – manage general settings, layouts, advertising, navigation menus, optimize your blog for SEO, adjust the colours of individual theme elements and more
* Shortcodes Collection – large collection of shortcodes for buttons, content boxes, toggled content, tabbed content, slideshows, social media, column layouts, tooltips etc.
* Complete Localisation
* Advertising Management
* Drop Down Menus
* PSD files
* Valid XHTML + CSS
* Smooth tabless design
* Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari IE8 + IE7 + IE6 compatible

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2. Evolution

Evolution is a fully responsive design that adapts to your user’s variable screen size automatically and instantly.
Now your website will display beautifully and intuitively no matter what type of device is being used to browse it. Evolution uses CSS media queries to trigger various layout sets at various screen sizes. This provides a seamless way for the design to degrade at smaller sizes, as the design can change on the fly without any page loading and without any tricky javascript. If you have been looking for a simple and professional layout that is also Mobile and Tablet friendly, then Evolution is definitely the theme for you.

Basic Features

Four color schemes
Evolution comes with four different colorschemes to pick from. You can choose between White, Blue, Green and Red.

Optional blog-style structure
Even though Evolution was created to be a CMS with a Page-Based structure, you can also run the theme like a normal blog instead.

fully responsive design
Evolution’s design is fully responsive, meaning it will automatically adapt to the smaller screen when viewed on mobile phones and tablets.

Automated thumbnail resizing
This theme utilizes timthumb to automatically resize your thumbnail images. Because of this, only one thumbnail images is required per post, despite the various thumbnail sizes used in the theme.

advertising management
With Evolution you can place 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads to your post pages with ease. Advertisements are handled from within wp-admin, and can be turned on and off at any time.

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3. Envisioned

Envisioned is a beautiful and highly effective portfolio WordPress theme from ElegantThemes. The premium theme has highly effective gallery features assisting you to effortlessly create professional multi-media galleries with versatile layouts of various sizes and aspect ratios. Other functions include 5 alternative colour schemes, capability to embed video into galleries, large shortcodes collection, optional blog style layout and much more.

Envisioned Elegant WordPress Themes Features

  1. 5 Unique Color Schemes
  2. Versatile Portfolio Templates – will let you create multi-media galleries of diverse sizes and formats. Small, medium or large layout sizes. Landscape or portrait formats or auto detect aspect ratios.
  3. Multimedia Support – comes with the capability to embed Video into your galleries
  4. Custom Coded Photo Reel on the Homepage
  5. Optional Blog Style Structure
  6. Automated Thumbnail Re-sizing
  7. Advanced theme options panel – gives complete control over your theme and its various settings
  8. Shortcodes collection – large collection of shortcodes for buttons, content boxes, toggled content, tabbed content, slideshows, social media, column layouts, tooltips etc.
  9. Custom page templates
  10. Complete localisation
  11. Drop down navigation menu
  12. Advertising management
  13. Drop down menus
  14. PSD files
  15. Valid XHTML + CSS
  16. Smooth table less design
  17. Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari IE8 + IE7 + IE6 compatible

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4. Modest

Modest is an elegant premium wordpress Portfolio theme from Elegant Themes. Modest theme was created to be a CMS page based structure; however Modest WordPress Theme also has an optional blog style layout to use it as a normal blog. Other features of Elegant Themes Modest WordPress Theme include 5 alternative colour schemes, custom page templates, heaps of short codes and a comprehensive theme options panel.

Modest Theme Features

  • Five Colorschemes – Modest theme comes with five different colors, including White, Black, Purple, Green and Blue. You can switch between these different colorschemes at any time from within the ePanel theme options page.
  • Unique Homepage Slider – One of the collest parts of the modest theme is the homepage slider. We custom coded this without the use of any extra jQuery plugins, and the result is quite cool.
  • Opera compatible
  • Netscape compatible
  • Safari compatible
  • WordPress 3.0 compatible
  • Gallery Section
  • Threaded Comments
  • Gravatar ready
  • Firefox compatible
  • IE8 + IE7 + IE6 compatible
  • Advertisement Ready
  • Widget ready sidebars
  • Theme Options Page
  • Custom thumbnail images
  • PSD files
  • Valid XHTML + CSS
  • Smooth tabless design

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5. Wooden

Wooden is a down-to-earth design that strives to bring in fun pictorial elements without abandoning its clean and professional roots. This theme comes widget ready, and includes custom thumbnail images, featured articles, and a custom index loop that will transform your blog into a multifaceted website.

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6. MyResume

Looking for a new job? Then MyResume is the perfect theme to promote yourself and create a professional and sophisticated online presence. MyResume is sleek, simple and easy to use, but also boasts some great features that will make handling your resume all the easier. Add new pages to your resume, create new tabs, connect with your peers using the social networking integration, and even add a custom portfolio at the click of a button.

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7. PixelCraft

This theme is a complete WordPress Theme, designed from the ground up to function first and foremost as a portfolio, then as a comprehensive WordPress theme that can be used for just about any site that needs a beautiful layout.

The admin panel (Preview) allows you to change, remove, or customize just about every element of the theme! This is easily the best admin panel I’ve released to date. Additionally, extra panels allow you to build a custom contact form, edit the sidebar widgets, and more.

This theme is ideal for artists, designers, photographers, and other creatives that are in need of a portfolio template that is professional and “to the point”. Even if you don’t need the huge image gallery page, this template will also work great for sites that need to showcase a few images above each content-page in a slick, sophisticated way. Here’s what you get with your purchase:

1. 5 uniquely styled skins (Classic, Blue, Green, Orange, Red) + the ability to create your own Custom Skin.
2. All Core Page Templates (Home, Content Page, Image Gallery, Blog Post w/ comments styling, Search/Results, 404, and a Contact Form)
3. Custom Admin Panel
4. jQuery Lightbox
5. jQuery Thumbnail Gallery Slider
6. jQuery Homepage Slider
7. jQuery Subpage Mini-Slider
8. Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers)
9. All Layout PSD Files
10. All Sliced PSD files (for easy re-skinning)
11. Favicon Ready (just overwrite the browser icon with your own)

The Custom Admin Panel features:
1. Custom stylesheet selection (dropdown).
2. Custom Logo entry.
3. Full Homepage Customization.
4. Full Slider Customization.
5. Optional Advertising Units.
6. Customizable Footer.
7. Customizable Submenu Pages.
8. Custom Sitemap Generator.

I have also provided very extensive documentation on how to install and use this theme. If you need support or spot something that can be improved, please send me an email via my profile page.

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8. Landscape

A premium WordPress theme for the Genesis Theme Framework from StudioPress which could be used for photography, portfolio or gallery websites. The theme includes a featured slider on the homepage, multiple posts / page layout options, navigation menu controls, backend options panel and more.


* 6 Layout Options – selectable site wide or for individual post/page
* 30 + hooks
* Backend Theme Options Panel
* Dynamic Text / Image Logo option
* Navigation menu controls
* Drop down navigation menu
* Custom Widgets
* SEO Options (site wide and individual page/post controls)
* Auto-sized Thumbnail Management
* Widget-Ready
* Breadcrumb navigation
* Integrated Blog
* Developed for Localization
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9. Simple Portfolio

A gallery / portfolio WordPress theme from Organic Themes. The theme is designed for photographers, designers, illustrators, artists and casual photo bloggers to present their images in a professional and beautifully simple layout. The theme includes portfolio template with 1, 2 or 3 column layout, custom page templates, featured content slider, theme options panel and more.


* Theme Options Page
* Professional and Stylish Design
* Custom Page Templates
* Multiple Column Portfolio Layouts – displayed in a 1, 2 or 3 column layout
* Custom Post Types
* Post Navigation
* jQuery Featured Content Slider
* jQuery Image Hovers
* Widget Ready
* Photoshop File Included
* Gravity Forms Styling
* Optional Header Contact Info
* Easily Customisable
* Auto Resizing Thumbnails

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* Support for WordPress 3.0 (menu and widget menu)
* Unlimited gallery pages
* Unlimited blog pages
* Fresh design
* Valid XHTML Strict and CSS
* Tableless Coding
* Support png24!
* Change active color via admin panel
* Change theme background via admin panel
* Easy to customize
* Many back-end options to customize the Theme
* Supported by all browsers
* 6 different Widget areas (page, single post, archive, blog, portfolio, contact)
* Full working AJAX contact form (without page refreshing and setup in admin panel)
* Php files included!
* Live validation forms!
* All Layout PSD Files (easy reskinning)
* Built-in pagination system

Live Demo | Get Themes

11. Work

An elegant and professional portfolio / photo gallery WordPress premium theme from ThemeTrust. The theme includes a featured content slider on the homepage, custom options panel, two colour schemes, WordPress 3.0+ custom menus and background, button shortcodes, and multiple page templates allowing you to create 1, 2, 3 or 4 column gallery layouts.


* jQuery Featured Content Slider
* Multiple Page Templates
* One, Two, Three, and Four Column Gallery Page layouts
* Custom Options Panel
* Widget Ready Sidebar
* WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu
* WordPress 3.0 Custom Background
* Two Colour Schemes
* Post Thumbnails
* Smooth Animated Drop-down Menu
* Ability to Upload a Custom Logo
* Threaded Comments
* Twitter integration
* Button Shortcodes
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12. Capture

A gallery / photography WordPress theme from Kreative Themes. The theme comes with 5 colour styles, customisable layout options, theme options control panel, integrated mobile friendly version and more.


* 5 Alternative Colour Styles
* Theme Options Control Panel – easily change logo, favicon, Cufon fonts, thumbnails, add analytics scripts etc without needing to touch the code
* Featured Content Slider on Homepage
* Integrated WP Image Resizing
* Advertisement Options
* Mobile Version – comes with integrated mobile-friendly version for your site
* Easy layout Configuration
* Custom Navigation Menus (WordPress 3.0)
* Integration Blog
* Custom Page Templates
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13. Photography

A portfolio / photo gallery premium WordPress theme from The Theme Foundry built for photographers. The theme features 2 colour scheme options, custom galleries with numerous options, integrated blog, built in Flickr support, theme options menu and more.


* Two unique colour schemes (dark or light)
* Easy to use theme options menu
* Custom Galleries
* Gallery Options – captions, titles, cropping, auto play etc
* Built in Flickr support, display your photosets with the click of a button
* Private password protected galleries
* Easily add your own custom logo to the header using the built in uploader
* Multi-level drop down menu holds all your pages and categories
* WordPress auto-generated featured post thumbnails
* Built in WordPress 3.0+ menu support
* Handcrafted social icons (RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr)
* Integrated blog
* Compatible with modern browsers: Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, & Chrome
* Check the features video tour for more features

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